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Cy Torgerson:    Guitar & Bass Instruction

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Cy Torgerson, Proprietor/Instructor:

"I started an interest in playing guitar when I was 11 & then went on to take lessons at the age of 16. I have played professionally on and off since the age of 1 & currently play in and around the San Antonio area.   I have also worked for concert promoters, owned & operated a live PA sound company & have bought and sold vintage equipment over a period of 37 years or more. I am a trained instructor. Just because someone can play well does not necessarily mean they can teach. I have a degree in Education from UTSA and I have always loved teaching. I have a passion for playing and a passion for teaching!"



Lesson Fees:

Guitar/Bass lessons are $100 a month with a $25 one time sign up fee.
Lessons are one 30 minute session weekly.
The lesson fee is
due at the first lesson of every month & is non-refundable.
It is the same regardless of how many weeks are in a month.

There are 52 weeks in a year.
We teach 48 weeks in a year with the remainder 4 weeks as "off" weeks for yearly holidays.
Holidays are Spring Break, Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving
(Wednesday through Friday), and Christmas through New Years.

The $25 sign up fee is straight forward.
It is for materials handed out & includes a first time set up on your instrument
- less the cost of strings, etc
A set up includes; cleaning & examination of the neck,
installing new strings & setting truss rod intonation.
This service is available at no charge as long as needed
until the student is capable of doing it themselves.

 Other guitar schools that claim not to have a signup fee
will still charge you $25+ for a guitar set up on the side.
We have no hidden fees.

Equipment needed for guitar lessons are
a functioning guitar, a tuner, metronome and a capo.
(Poorly made guitars are not conducive to learning.)

Attendance/Cancellation policy:

You are required to attend all lessons unless you are ill and cannot make the lesson, or in case of a family emergency. All other excuses (homework, movie, etc) will not be given a make up lesson.

*In cases of severe weather, floods and ice/snow storms,
lessons cannot be made up due to the amount of students enrolled.

Periodically throughout the year we enjoy giving our students opportunities to show off what they can do by performing live for family and friends, with our own HGA "house" band, made up of instructors & other advanced students.
For Students that decide to participate in one of our live performances
we ask
for a fee to help cover production expenses. This is not mandatory,
 but as with any well put together production there are expenses.
The drummer, bassist, vocalist & keyboardist spend 5 practice sessions
& countless hours learning songs they will only play for one event.
Other expenses such as paying for help at the show, running sound to
bottles of water, loading and unloading equipment, add up quickly.
It is important to us that we provide them with the professionalism they deserve.
As always, my time and efforts are of course donated

May Show 2015 Pink Floyd "Coming Back To Life" 

May show 2015 Heart "Barracuda"

Sign up for lessons now, call 830-446-8078 for availability!

When you encourage the love of music, you are giving a gift
that will last a lifetime!
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